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    Unanswered: convert accessXP to 97 errors

    Iíve convert access97 to 2000 and program in 2000 format. All's OK, but I need convert to 97 format after that too. Access 2000 nearly can't convert, but with XP or 2003 possible, because of 3 types errors in access97 after converting.
    1.Some forms can't open in converted mdb. In this case I cut some controls and paste immediately in access XP or 2003. Then convert to 97 and check. After 2-3 attempts disabilities vanish... until or not second form modification.
    I check this type of errors in second manner: I convert 2000 to 97 then I create new empty 97 database and immediately import converted 97 to new empty 97. All broken forms canít be imported.
    2.One control permanently is renamed into 'combo383' in form used as sub form in tab control. This type of error possible to discover via testing only.
    3.Third error is combined of above errors. One of tab name becomes with prefix 'USys'. There fore itís impossible import from 97 format to empty database. It's curious, because the same tabs exits in some other forms, but this error begins occur in one only.
    All this errors occur in some forms with tab control or in its sub form used in tab. All tabs nearly the similar, but errors appear in different forms and permanently exits until form modify.
    Very annoying.

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    I've atach 2000 format file with form converted from 97. After convert this form back to 97 we miss controls. It's interesting, that missed controls apears in 2000 after import back into 2000 format. I've use access 2003 and 97.
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