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    help designing database

    Im having trouble finding the most efficient way put this database together which is designed to output a weight lifting workout from a database the desired output is a page with the users name, and lines that include(lift name, set,reps,weight(by percentage); sets, reps, weight) example

    joe schmoe
    snatch (2x3[200lbs]) || (3x2[210lbs]) || (1x1[220lbs])
    benchpress (3x5[300lbs]) || (2x2[320lbs])
    " "
    " "
    ignore formating its just: lift (set x rep[calculated weight]) ||......

    and each set has an id and multiplier which is how many sets per (set)

    heres a rough and incomplete design I have drawn up but it seems like too much space would be taken by the sets/reps/percentage
    would it be ok to just put set/rep/percentage in one field??


    if it doesnt work copy and paste into addressbar
    thanks for any help
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    You've generally got it figured out.

    Don't worry about space.
    Whether you store all of your data in one column or spread it across three it will take the same amount of "space".

    The difference is if you put it in 3, you can pull it out later. If you leave it in one, you can't report off of two of the three.

    Go model it in Microsoft Access.

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