I am trying to install DB2 8.1 on RedHat Linux Enterprise server 2.1, Kernel version 2.4.9. I am trying hard for the last 4 days, but in vain. I have 2 machines and I am trying to install a partitioned database. I have NFS mounted partition on machine1 called /db2home, where I created db2instance and db2fence. dasuser1 is created in /home/ on each machine and /home is not NFS mounted. RSH is enabled on each machines and I installed DB2 server on each machine (log says the installation went without any error). I installed db2 server on the other node with the db2ese2.rsp file created by the db2 server installation from the first node. I followed the installation instructions given in
I am at the stage where I need to do the post installation tasks and I am stuck up with the db2_all command. I updated the db2nodes.cfg file to include the remote node too and I ensured that the same port numbers are used on both machines in the /etc/services file. When I issued the db2_all command, I got the following error:

[db2inst1@oracle1 bin]$ db2_all
bash: /db2home/db2inst1/sqllib/bin/db2_all: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

strace was not useful at all and I am very new to db2. Can anyone please tell me what might have caused this error and how will I overcome it?

Thanks in advance,