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    Unhappy Unanswered: how to design this?


    I need some help .. for a database design in access

    I need to design soemthinkg like an inventory so that i'll be able to know at any time what space is available or not.

    Basically i have to keep track of a space of a fridge.. it is sub divided into racks then box then sample number. the racks will contain a number of boxes and each boxes a number of sample.

    my original idea was to create a table to keep track of the individual space... for eg my racks = 2, box = 3 n sample number = 10 total will be 60 but i realised that the numbers are much bigger can even go to 100 .. that would make my database very big..

    i only need to know at any point of time that a particular space is free to store the sample.. and also if a sample is available it comes from which box and which rack.

    i was thinking of linked lists .. but not too sure how to do that in asp n access.

    any suggestions will be really helpful thanks a lot..

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    Looking at what you've written I believe your talking about Slot Allocation. A simple explaination is :-

    Fridges labelled frd1 -- frd2 -- frd3
    | | |
    rack1-rack2-rack3 rack1-rack2-rack3 rack1-rack2-rack3
    | | |
    Box1-box2-box3-box4 box1-box2-box3-box4 box1-box2-box3-box4
    smp1-smp2 (etc for each box)

    Now to establish if each of the boxes are the same size and how many fit each rack these will be constant (as far as is possible)

    its might me that you can get 10 boxes across and 2 high in each slot you therefore number each as ie r1-bx1 and r1-bx2 using something like this you will have you will have locations for each box and when there isnt a box you can nuber that slot r1-bx0(next box number)
    r=rack-bx1= the box number in that slot

    tables then can be made as the rough layout above

    hope this might help


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