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    Unanswered: Pls Help... Urgent


    Pls help me how to create different users for login into my Access application.

    I want to create 2 types of users

    1. Admin , 2. Normal User.

    I also want to restrict accessing of few modules for Normal User.
    I prefer to do this in the application level not in the database level.

    It is fairly simple concept. When I install the application at different systems, when I open the .mdb file, It should ask me to key-in username and password. The system should check the key-in user is Admin or Normal User.

    Pls help.


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    Go to tools....Security.

    Run the user-level security wizard.

    You should be able to set up an admin user and normal user.

    Publish the .mdw file created so that everyone has access.

    Using wrkgadm.exe on everyone's computer point them to your custom .mdw file.

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