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    Unanswered: Replacing field values that match another table


    First of all, please excuse my inferior knowledge...
    I am trying to clean up a database that has not exactly been created nicely An example would be that for certain fields the value is one from a list -- i would have used, and will now want to convert it to, the situation that there is to be a separate table with the possible values, which has a relation to the main table (as opposed to typing the same value every time).

    IOW, a query SELECT DISTINCT Field1, COUNT(*) FROM Table1 GROUP BY Field1 would generate something like Value1 - 1234; Value2 - 2345; Value3 - 3456...

    Now, to get these into a new table I have used SELECT DISTINCT Field1 INTO tblField1 FROM Table1. I added an ID field (autonumber) to this table and added a NewField1 (numeric) field to Table1. This NewField1 should be filled with tblField1.ID iff tblField1.Field1 matches Table1.Field1

    (I really hope I am making myself clear - English is not my native language...)

    So in short, I've created the new, separate table, but now i need to fill the main table with the ID from that new table. Does anyone have any pointers for me?

    thanks in advance,


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    PHP Code:
    update table1
      join tblField1 
        on table1
    .Field1 tblField1.Field1
       set table1
    .newfield1 tblField1.ID | @rudydotca
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    Thanks !!!

    Thanks a million, this did the trick perfectly...


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