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    Unanswered: Oracle 9i Migration


    We have a large database migration to 9i from 8i coming up very soon and because the application talks to a large number of other apps we have been unable to do a full load test.

    I have heard that the shared pool should be doubled for the upgrade, as we have a 1.5gb shared_pool already, this presents us with a problem as we don't have enough memory to go up to 3gb.

    Has anyone else migrated a large system to 9i and had problems with their shared_pool size?


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    I havent come across this recommendation before and the databases where I have gone to 9i havent needed shared_pool to be doubled though it will depend on how your shared pool is configured and where your bottlenecks are. There are some features in 9i which actually reduce memory usage like variable block sizes for tablespaces (and thus caches), dynamic resizing of memory areas and table compression.


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    I recommend looking up all the various enhancements (there are a good deal) for 9i. There are quite a few new parameters in 9i that
    you could take advantage of but you would need to be aweare of them
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