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    Unanswered: form and sub form question

    OK... I have a form (invoice) and a sub form (Table1 Subform) right now it is set to filter from a auth#. What I want to do is include a field that will edit all the records that it filters i.e. I have it filter auth# 409 it will bring up 3 records. I want to have a field in the invoice form that will update all the status fields of the 3 records filtered. SO I type in done is the invoice status field and under each of the 3 records it will auto update done in each of the status fields. Sorry if I was redundant. I have inserted a unbound field in the invoice form and control sourse is =[Table1 Subform].Form![Status of Chargeback] and it wont let me enter text in the field. so I'm doing something wrong.

    Got it to work using
    Private Sub Text39_AfterUpdate()
    Me![Table1 Subform].Form![auth#] = Me!Text39
    End Sub

    but it will only update the top record how do I get it to update all the records?

    artist 1 title1
    artist 2 title2
    artist 3 title3
    but when i type something into the Text39 going to the auth# it will do this:
    artist 1 title1 Text39message
    artist 2 title2
    artist 3 title3
    and I would like it to do this
    artist 1 title1 Text39message
    artist 2 title2 Text39message
    artist 3 title3 Text39message
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    I don't mind you being redundant, but I wonder why your database is. Why do you have a status for the invoice and a status for each detail line if they are the same anyway?

    If you need this extra level of redundance for speed reasons, then after update of the header status, you will have to issue a query:

    dim qdf
    set qdf = currentdb.createquerydef("","Update table1 set status = '" & InvoiceStatusFieldName & "' Where authNum = " & authnum)
    set qdf = nothing

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