Here is the scenario:

I am trying to write an ASP page. This page will call an ActiveX Dll (VB Component), this component will connect to Oracle Database and return the data to the component. Now this component will generate XML sheet and throw the XML doc to ASP. This ASP page will be shown in the browser. Now, there are several functions in Components like func1, func2 etc. When I am in design mode of ASP (i.e when I am writing code) I am creating the object and using one of its method. At this time I can see the methods and property. When I try to see the same page in IE 6.0 I am getting this error

Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01B6)
Object doesn't support this property or method: 'func1'
/dir1/myDir/Summary/test.asp, line 371

Here is the piece of code (in ASP file)
set x = server.CreateObject("VBProject.VBClass")
var1 = x.func1()

Here is the piece of code in VB Component's func1 function

public function func1() as Integer
func1 = 5
End Function

I am expecting "5" to be written on the web-page.
Can anyone please help......please,please,please
Thanks in advance