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    Unanswered: Lareg no. of inserts ( > 195 rows) using jdbc type 4 driver

    Is anyone out there doing quite a few inserts ( > 195) using the jdbc type 4 driver in UDB V8.1 on AIX?
    We are getting the error 'NULLID.SYSSH203 - package not found' which seems to be due to the following - DB2 uses PREDEFINED packages SYSSH200-SYSSH202 ( each of which contains 65 sections ) and this inserts upto 65 *3 = 195 rows. But the next iteration of the package ( viz. SYSSH203 ) is not present and hence it fails.

    Obvioulsy one solution is to close the connection after every 195th row is processed but this does not sound very elegant.

    Can anyone out there tell me how you are doing mass inserts using this type 4 jdbc driver ?

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    Re: Lareg no. of inserts ( > 195 rows) using jdbc type 4 driver

    We are using jdbc type 4 driver for inserting high amount of records (>10k). I think our envoroment is similar to yours - aix 5.1 32-bit 8.1 fixpack 3.

    I've read somewhere people were recommending db2jdbcbind (search on google)

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