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    Unanswered: function help

    i don't know how to implement this.. but this is what im tr ying to do.
    i have a data entry form for some tracking..
    firstname txtbox
    lastname txtbox
    Issue radio ..options 1. open, 2 closed.
    an entry is submited with defualt value 'open' in the radio option(actually it read-only to users submitting this).
    i have recordset and editing grid to modify this record. there's a special people who uses this report and they can edit and update any infor submited. when the issue is reslove the will modify radio..option from open to closed.
    i want to write email function using firstname txtbox.lastname txtbox (on the submited form) with custom msg to send email when ever radio option has been updated from open to closed.. to inform user that the issue has been resloved.
    This data entry form does that have email address, therefore i have to create a function using, to trigger this event when ever Issue radio option is updated to closed.

    how do i start? anyone can help?
    i hope somebody can understand me

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    I like the post-back concept which reopens the page with things posted as a starting point:

    ASP Design Tips - Post Back Page

    And for the e-mail itself has some e-mail examples in the Samples section. The e-mail attachment example uses the more recent CDO instead of the tried-and-true but outdated-on-some-newer-servers CDONTS.
    J. Paul Schmidt, Freelance Web and Database Developer
    Access Database Sample, Web Database Sample, ASP Design Tips

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