It looks like I have a brain cramp over here. It's not that I'm clueless in VBA or Excel but I'm not able to handle dates. That's how it looks like: I have an Excel spreadsheet listing different articles, their sources and publication dates:

Article Publication Date

Snow Storm New York Times 02/01/2004
November Election Wall Street Journal 01/01/2004
Unemployment Chicago Tribune 12/01/2003
Gas Prices Los Angeles Times 11/15/2003
Stock Market Time Magazine 10/10/2003
World Crisis Herals Tribune 01/01/2003

I would like to add a combo box to this Excel spreadsheet that allows me to filter the articles by month and year of publication. So I will be able to see just the articles published in a specific month or between a specific period of time. I am not willing to use the filter, autofilter and advanced filter existing under the menu. Any suggestions for this problem that looked so simple for me when I started on it.

My best regards for any help