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    Unanswered: Replication and a synchronizing error

    Synchronizing my database has created an error that states: {4B730ECD-7B75-450C-80FF-471119B03420} 3736 Update/delete conflict. This updated record was deleted at another replica. Either reinsert this conflict record or delete it. I have fixed the error by deleting the extra records but I can't figure out how to stop getting the error or how to get Access to update the error. I would appreciate some suggestions. Thanks

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    This is a common problem if all users have access to all records in a replication set. If this is a application requirement for all records to be seen, then you'll have to live with it or shift the back end to a server - like SQL server.

    But, if you can break down each replica's usage into some logical group - such as region/city/territory etc. and the group that uses each replica only really needs access to that data then you can do something about it.

    In those cases create a user table that contains the user ID and a field that defines the records they need (e.g. Northern Territory) then you can change the record source on your forms to a query that filters the records to the ones they need to see using the currentuser function in the query criteria. It is the closest thing to a server view as you can get and it will help reduce those update conflicts.

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