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    Unanswered: OLTP vs Decision Support

    Whilst on the Nth hour (n = many) of my magical journey through MS Sql BOL I've come across OLTP Vs Decision Support. After a couple of searches here could someone shore up the following for me please...

    A decision support database is the same as warehouse database.

    This is for static data commonly used for reporting and analysis.

    OLTP is a live database (accomodates inserts, deletes, updates etc).

    Is that right?

    Also would it be fair to assume that a decision support database is generally going to be spawned from the historical data of an OLTP database? Any real world examples of these two terms would be greatly appreciated too.



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    Yes it comes from OLTP...dimensions, fact tables, star schemas, snowflakes...

    All the buzz words...

    basically you migrate data from your database to basically a read only version of the data....

    You then may also have processes to derive data...and store it...for example all the sales for department stores for the month

    You derive the data by state, by day, whatever...

    However people need to see data that's what you build...

    Now query is a lot faster because the work has already been done for the end user...

    google up some non platform specific concepts...

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    The physical order of data in a database has no meaning.

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    OK, makes sense and I only had to read it twice!


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