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    Sum of 2 fields (one is running total and one is field)

    I am generating a report that looks like this

    Opening Balance 1,000.00 (field from a file called OPBAL)

    Received 300.00 (field from Tansaction)
    Received 400.00 (field from Tansaction)
    Received 600.00 (field from Tansaction)
    1900.00 400.00 Total

    I can print 900.00 as sub total using running total

    How do I add 1000.00 which is opening balance

    Please help

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    What language (or tool) are you using?

    I see the total as 1300.00 (based on your example). Where do the 1900.00 and 400.00 come from? How did you arrive at 900.00?


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