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    Unanswered: Oracle active/passive requirements

    Hi all

    I am pretty new to Oracle so please bear with me if this question is rather lame.

    I want to implement Oracle in an active/passive mode on two identical Sun servers sharing an external disk array that should contain the database files. Is this configuration possible, without any clustering software like sun cluster? Should the primary oracle fail, I want to manually start oracle on the second server. What steps would I need to do for such a configuration during installation + steps requried during failover.

    Thank you and best regards


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    You can do this, at one site I setup two servers pointing to a netapp filer and made sure all the configuration files aswell as datafiles were all on the filer. We then setup the passive server so that it could take the IP address of the primary server (if it went down). The main disadvantage compared to RAC was that it didnt have automated failover but this wasnt too much of a problemas we had good 24x7 monitoring.


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