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    Unanswered: Multiple databases or tablespaces?

    I am the admin of a Oracle dbserver at a university, and this server is intended for use by students that need a database backend for their programming excercises and projects, as well as exercises in database-design and so. Besides the Oracle server, we have a MySQL server for the same purpose.
    Until now we have been running Oracle 8.1.7, and we have used a solution where each student gets a login/passwd along with their own tablespace in the same "global" database, but on the MySQL server we give each student their own database (and login/passwd).

    Now I'm setting up a brand spanking new server, with Oracle 10g, and I have the chance to redesign the whole solution to my own preferences, but I don't know if it would be better to create separate databases or just keep the old model...
    We currently have a few hundred user database accounts i reckon; at least I expect 2-300 accounts to be the maximum we will need.

    We haven't really done much in the area of backup of the Oracle databases, but that is one thing I would like to change - will one solution make it easier to backup than the other?

    If you have any suggestions or experiences with similar scenarios, please dont hesitate to comment.

    Best regards

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    It really depends on your needs... I have in the past setup a single database, giving each user a small tablespace, then as user's come and go, the tablespace can be dropped. This is an easier solution than dropping a database... And with an additional database, you have the added expense of system, temporary and rollback tablespaces.


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    Actually having DBs for each user does not seem to be feasible.
    Normally we create user and attach them to tablespaces.
    More than one user can be attached to the tablespaces.
    I think it would be better if u attach the users with the tablespaces and make sure that u specify the QUOTA for each users .
    But still the decision is urs.


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