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    Question Unanswered: Sybase dead locking

    We have a front end which fires an sp into an OLTP to cache some static data. However we have see it get deadlocked ever so often. The condition is often difficult to re create ..Is it possible to find which query in the sp is causing the dead lock ?

    FYI : The sp is fired from a JDBC driver

    Regards, Santosh

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    to check dead lock

    (1)run sp_who , see spid of blk column
    (2)see the related object name in master..sysprocess of the spid
    (3)use sp_object_stats to verify dead lock information
    (4)identify any long running transactions and divide it in shorter one

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    Re: Sybase dead locking

    Originally posted by svazarkar
    Is it possible to find which query in the sp is causing the dead lock?
    The deadlock handler kills one of the deadlocked processes within half a second, so I don't think you can see it in sysprocesses (only lock wait-processes).

    I would turn on "print deadlock information" with sp_configure - then you'll find more detailed information in the ASE log file about all deadlocks. (At least from version 12.0)

    (Turning the option on has a slight performance hit, so remember to turn it off after you've found the problem.)


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