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    Unanswered: Session variable at subdomain

    Hi there !

    Can anyone let me know is it possible to retrieve the session variable values in subdomain ? if not then why and if yes then how ?

    I have one domain name where few session variable store some important values now i want to use all those session variables in

    Am i make any sense ?

    It would be great help if someone guided me..

    With Thanks !

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    sessions are automatically destroyed if the browser itself is closed, other than that session.abandon() or session("nameofsession") = null

    so you can create a session and still use that same session even if you open another page and that page calls it

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    I think that your subdomain is using the different IP from the one that your domain is pointed to. So the answer is NO. This case is like two sites. You can not retrieve the value from session created on another site.

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