hello ;

can't connect to IDS 7.31.UD2 on Linux RH 7.2 with Informix CLI
(error 908 Attempt to connect to database server (servername) failed. )

here is the content of ONCONFIG and SQLHOSTS


SERVERNUM 0 # Unique id corresponding to a Dynamic Server in
DBSERVERNAME onl_723 # Name of default database server
DBSERVERALIASES ONLINE # List of alternate dbservernames
NETTYPE soctcp,1,32,NET # Configure poll thread(s) for nettype
NETTYPE ipcshm,2,64,CPU # Configure poll thread(s) for nettype


onl_723 onipcshm personel s1
ONLINE onsoctcp personel s1

- Informix SetNet32 :

Informix Server ONLINE
HostName personel
ProtocolName onsoctcp
Service Name s1

Any ideas please ?