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    The Planet Managed Dedicated Hosting

    Turn key fully managed hosting solutions from The Planet.

    Total Control 2800
    Dual Intel 2.8Ghz XEON Processors
    1024MB ECC Memory
    80GB Hard Drive
    1500GB Data Transfer
    RLX Total Control System
    Gold Managed Services, included.
    11 IP's , including Floodguard
    100% Uptime SLA
    $249.00/mth, $0/setup

    Total Control 2800i
    Dual Intel 2.8Ghz Xeon Processors
    1GB ECC Registered Ram
    2 x SATA 80GB Hard Drives
    Redhat Enterprise 3.0 / Win 2000/2003
    11 IP’s – 100% Uptime Guarantee
    2000GB Premium Bandwidth – 100Mbps port
    Urchin Statistics
    Veritas Tape Backup – 40GB
    FloodGuard – DDOS mitigation
    Gold Managed Services
    -Ping Monitoring
    -24/7/365 Onsite Hands and Eyes
    -Orbit™ Online Support Portal
    -Network Based IDS
    -Host Based IDS
    -O/S updates and patches.
    -RLX™ Total Control Server Manager
    -Service Monitoring - [up to 6 services]
    -System Monitoring - [up to 6 services]
    -Process Monitoring - [up to 6 services]
    -On-Demand Vulnerability Assessments
    -Centralized System Event Monitoring
    -Systems Administrative Service: 1 hour / month

    $299 Per Month/$0 Setup

    Amanda Dickens
    The Planet
    Main 214-782-7800
    Direct 214-782-7823

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    RE: dedicated dual Xeon

    Hello Amanda,

    I'm shopping for a dedicated dual Xeon server and found your post here via Google. What I'd like to know is what exactly you mean by managed. Formerly I used Burst (dropped them due to poor service) and currenly I'm using EV1 and outsourcing server admin to a third party. Are your severs fully managed? Will I not have to hire a third party admin to do initial server security (firewall etc), performance monitoring, and server maintenence or will I still need to outsource those duties?


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    Re: RE: dedicated dual Xeon

    Stanley, thank you so much for your interest in our TC Servers! I have included our Gold Level Monitoring below.

    Gold Level
    Ping Monitoring.
    Network Based IDS.
    24/7/365 Onsite Hands and Eyes.
    Orbit™ Online Support Portal
    Host Based IDS.
    O/S updates and patches.
    Service Monitoring (FTP, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, Terminal Services, etc….) - [up to 6 services]
    System Monitoring (Drive Space, Processor usage, Server Load, etc….) - [up to 6 services]
    Process Monitoring (ColdFusion.exe, PGP.exe,, snort, etc….) - [up to 6 services]
    On-Demand Vulnerability Assessments
    Centralized System Event Monitoring (Login Failed, File accesses, Network connect attempts, etc)
    Systems Administrative Service: 1 hour / month

    In answer to your question concering using a third party, it depends on how technical you are. You can also upgrade your Managed Services to our Platinum or Titanium levels. I have provided you with a link:

    Please email me directly with any other questions you may have. My email address is

    Thank you! Amanda

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