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    Unhappy Unanswered: RMCMD problem with Advantage Ingres 2.6

    Message in log indicates server running OK "Visual DBA RMCMD Server -- Normal Startup."

    But if I try to for instance "ckpdb" get message

    "ERROR : The execution of this command failed. Please verify with your
    Ingres System Administrator that the Ingres service
    was started successfully. The operating system error was 2."

    The "sql" command on the other hand works as expected.

    If try to do a ckpdb from the VDBA I get the same message.

    I noticed the install.log that the following cammand has worked OK
    "C:\Program Files\CA\Advantage Ingres SDK\ingres\bin\ckpdb.exe" -uingres +j iidbdb
    get the following expected output

    Beginning checkpoint to disk "C:\Program Files\CA\Advantage Ingres SDK\ingres\ckp\default\iidbdb" of 1 locations.
    Wed Mar 03 14:34:28 2004 CPP: Start checkpoint of location: ii_database to disk:
    path = 'C:\Program Files\CA\Advantage Ingres SDK\ingres\ckp\default\iidbdb'
    file = 'c0001001.ckp'
    executing checkpoint

    Help would be appreciated. No doubt it will be me making some embarrasing novice type error, but such is life.



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    Did a reinstall of this software (repair option) and now everything is working fine.

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