I had an Access 2002 database that I upsized to SQL Server 2000. Another individual had written an Access Database that had linked tables to my database and then had several queries. When I moved the data to SQL Server, I helped him set up new linked tables, now in the form of Linked ODBC tables to the SQL Server database.

Now his queries won't run -- It thinks for a minute and then says "ODBC - Call failed". Any ideas?

Additionally, when I try to open the linked ODBC tables on his db, the small one (100-200 records) opens no problem, but the big one (1.2 million records) opens up but then has "#Deleted" in all the fields.

What's going on?? Anybody know? Security isn't it. I made sure security is right. He can open the tables with an ADP file just fine.

Thanks so much for help,