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    Unanswered: Formatting - not the normal conditional

    I need to be able to set the displayed format (number of characters)
    differently for a field in each record on a continuous form. The formatted
    number of characters is based on the value in another field within the same

    I.e. the field "Nominal Value" is setup as a text field. "Resolution" is an
    integer. I need to be able to enter any number of characters both +/- and
    decimals yet DISPLAY only the number of characters past the decimal as
    indicated by the "Resolution Field". All of this needs to happen in a
    continuous form. Ive seen this done in Delphi but can it be done in Access?

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    When you say past the decimal, do you left or right side?


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    to the right i.e. if the Resolution is 3, I need the value 24.76354 to show as 24.763 yet still allow you to enter all the digits..

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