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    Unanswered: Stored Procedure

    What is the difference in speed between using stored procs & embedded sqls. I want to know is there any situation when embedded code (database code) will be more useful compared to having stored procedures. For e.g., Maintenance will be much easier if we dont have stored procedures separately...

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    Re: Stored Procedure

    You might want to use embedded SQL in a language like C if you needed to use features of that language that stored procedures do not give you. Otherwise, stored procedures are preferable.

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    Stored procedures don't handle dynamic code well (where you "cook SQL on the fly" to suit the problem at hand). A good example is a search screen that has many possible parameters.

    For static code, that does the same job every time it is run, a stored procedure almost always outperforms code from the client, especially if a slow data link (modem or cellular wireless) is involved.


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