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    Unanswered: Forms, subforms .... Windows

    I have problem with restrictions in MS Access - it does not allow to put subform in form, then the form as subform to another form, the way I want.

    Okay - I am trying to solve this another way:

    In Northwind.mdb there is something similar - Orders, Orders Subform1 Orders Subform2. But - subforms as datasheet view.

    Is there a possibility to use Continous forms, add/modify/delete and data entry in subforms at the Orders form (window).

    Or - is there possibility to have three dependent forms (windows) in order to solve this: when there is a change in Orders window - it forces change in both two other windows - based on record user choose from Orders table; three windows would be tiled to fill the screen optimally and there would be an possibility to add/modify/delete records based on referential integrity. Anybody has something similar already made?

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    Try using a list box to replace one of the forms you need. You can embed a sub form into a form but you can only have one continuous form in the group.

    I usually go unbound in the top level with a listbox to load and unload the top level unbound controls with code.

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