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    Unanswered: sql loader control files

    I have 2 control files taking records from 2 unrelated/different files into 2 seperate tables. Is it possible to create 1 big control file where the first file would load into the first table, a second file into a second table etc? At the moment the first file is loading into both the first and second tables. If this is possible could you post the relevent syntax

    many thanks

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    kerrie, Pretty sure that sql loader will only accept one input. It will, however, handle multiple outputs, i.e., save to multiple tables.

    The sql loader docs ( might show different, but I'm almost 100% sure for your situation, you'll have to stick with the two control files.

    Hope this helps.


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    Correct ... 1 input / controlfile ... should be the way to go ... gives you better control of the data ... Can go into multiple tables ....


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    if on unix/linux you could join the files with 'tee'

    cat file1 | tee -a file2

    then sqlload file2 to your two tables.
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