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    I am not familiar with VBA but I need a code that will allow me to combine 4 queries i.e all of the fields are date fields that represent an expired auto ins, drivers lic, physical, etc. I currently am doing 4 different queries each month what I want to do is run one query or report that will show the results of each query combined. So if an individual has only auto ins expired show only auto ins date if they have two things expired show only those two fields by their name if not expired field should be blank.
    If the query was for those expired in the month of Feb 2004 I want it to do something like this

    Name Auto Ins Drivers Lis Physical TB
    john doe 02/25/2004 02/26/2004
    jane doe 02/25/2004 02/28/2004 03/13/2004 (this would not show because it is unexpired)

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    Check out ACCESS Help under 'UNION Operation'. That should get you started.

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