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    Unanswered: Could not get the column information from the OLE DB provider 'IBMDA400'


    I'm trying to get data from as400 server to sql server, trough a job.
    The job executes a stored procedure that retrieves data from a view in an other database on the same server. That view gets the data from as400.
    Now, when i run the mentioned stored procedure in the query analyzer, everything works fine, but when the stored procedure is executed from the scheduled job, it fails each time giving the error

    "Could not get the column information from the OLE DB provider 'IBMDA400'. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 7350). The step failed."

    on random points during that process (by that i mean the lenght of time it runs)

    does anyone know what the diffrence is between executing an sp in query analyzer or using a job, keeping in mind retrieving data from as400?


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    SQLAgent service account should have the same permissions as yours. If you're piping data from AS/400 using linked server, make sure mapping entry exists for SQLAgent account as well.

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