I have a form and on that form I want to be able to pull records and graph them..

The form has two date fields and also a combo field..

The user has the option of entering in (between dates) to select which records they want to see... (strDate)

Also, the combo field..

my query is a UNION query.. I had to combine another query in order to get data to graph.

in my query.. my field called.. INSPNAME I have data like soo..


I want my combo field to display only .. PS and PR

When the user chooses the date and if they choose PS..

Then the output would be all records within that date.. and all PS (which here would be a total of 3 records.. assuming they are the dates requested..

I'm somehow getting an error.. on my form I'm using the UNION query as a recordsource.. and getting an access error.. will now close..

any ideas?