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    Angry Unanswered: VB Window - Annoying

    I having an issue in an Access 2000 database, that I had never seen in Access 97.

    When testing a database after making some changes to a module or the VBA behind a button, I sometimes get the VB window pop up without getting a "debug" error message. It is acting like a breakpoint exists, but there are not any breakpoints. This occur in different modules.

    Database has been compiled, compacted, and closed before testing. Sometimes I ever zipped it sent it to another workstation.

    Anyone ever hear of this? Am I forgetting to do something after make changes to code?

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    Create a new form, copy and paste all the objects from the old one, copy and paste all the code from the old one, delete the old one.

    What this usu means is that at some point, there were breakpoints in the code and Access simply forgot that they were gone.
    All code ADO/ADOX unless otherwise specified.

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