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    Unanswered: sub forms and rick boxes

    Hi yet another icky prob....

    When i select a equipment id in the sub form comes up details of the equipment e.g. name, last test date etc...

    on one form without an sub forms i use this code to shade out certain tick boxes when they have not been ticked in the i am tryin to do this but the prob is i dont know where to put the code cause the form im using is a sub form itsekf so its like saing a sub form in a subform...

    this is the code....

    any ideas on how to related it to the subform???

    Private Sub txtScanEquip_Change()

    If Form![TestingRequired]!PATTestReq.Value = True Then
    LastPATTest.Enabled = True
    LastPATTest.Enabled = False
    End If

    If Form![TestingRequired]!CalibrationReq = True Then
    LastCalberationTest.Enabled = True
    LastCalberationTest.Enabled = False
    End If

    End Sub

    this is currently on chnage event in the form (with no sub frms) in the propertie of the equid id....

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    Referencing subforms can be hairy mainly because its easy to confuse the subform _control_ on the main form with the actual form that is the subform.. eh.. well, you see, confusion! Anyway, you never reference to the actual form but only the _control_ (often they have the same name so it gets even more confusing). Rather than telling you how to code it I'll let you have a look at this page:

    It's a very good site for Access application designers and I'm sure you'll find it helpful solving other issues later on as well.

    Good luck!

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