we have recently decided to offer 10 Free Hosting Accounts, although we may offer a further 10 - depending on demand. We have a certain criteria we need you to meet and one condition you need to agree to:

1) You must have at least 1000 unique visitors per day (less than 1000/day can try to apply and may still get a free account, depends on demand, if you get less than 300 unique visitors per day don't bother applying)

2) You agree to clearly display (in text) on your website that we are your websites sponsors and that we are providing your sites web hosting. Just a line or 2 of text with a link to our website on your main page. You can set it up yourself anyway you want, but we'll have to approve it.

Note if you meet both these, and we approve you, we will give you basically whatever hosting space and bandwidth you need. To take advantage of this offer, please email us at sales@deasoft.com and provide the following details:

Website URL
Average estimated unique visitors/day
Rough diskspace requirement

Brett Deason