I am having a whole lot of trouble trying to get oracle working. Let me give you a little background. I work for the Student MIS department at my college. Because my major is Programming, I've been put in charge of all programming related matters, which happens to include installation and configuration of computers running Oracle 9i.

What I'm trying to do is set up about 20-30 computers, each running their own personal server under Windows XP. I'd set up a single server if we had the licensing but unfortunately that's not the case. The systems are all networked and on a domain. The installers I have came from a book called "Guide to Oracle 9i" and the install instructions I'm following can be found at www.course.com/cdkit under the link for the book. I am using the, "Installation & Configuration for Oracle9i Database, Personal Edition ", and "Installation for Oracle9i Developer Suite" instructions.

Following those guidelines, the installation succeeds and SQLPlus can connect to the database and it works fine. The issue I'm coming across is when I try to compile a form with Forms Builder. Per instructions from the book, I start "OC4J", open Forms Builder, Load the form, and select run. It asks if I'd like to login, which I do using dbuser/oracle, the user account I set up during install. The program then opens up internet explorer and loads the form as a Java Applet, but when the page finishes loading, all i get is a Java-style message-box saying "ORA-12560: TNSrotocol adapter error" and if I click OK it prompts me to login again.

I've tried changing around the tnsnames.ora file using, the computer name, or the ip-address of the machine. none seem to work. I'm just not really sure how everything works together, and I actually have two tnsnames.ora files. One is under c:\oracle\po92\network\admin where my listener.ora file resides. po92 is the home dir for the database. The other is under c:\oracle\oradev\network\admin, the home dir for the developer suite. I read another post that said with a personal server, you don't even need tns, but I don't know how to take all that out.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated