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    Unanswered: BCP, ignore errors problem

    I am trying to import data from a Text file into a database Table using SQLserver BCP utility. I am able to do that when I have all new records in my Text file. But I am getting primary key violation error when I am trying to import the record which is already existing in the table. This is correct, but I want my program to ignore these errors and import only those records which are fine.
    I tried [-m maxerrors] option, but it is not working. My BCP program is getting interrupted at the first error itself, even if I give [-m100] option.
    my command looks something like this,
    bcp pub..employee in C:\data.txt -b1 -m100 -c -t, \n -Sdatabase -Uuser -Ppassword

    here -b1 is, processing 1 row per batch transaction
    -m100 is, ignoring first 100 errors

    please help.


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    Why not use BULK INSERT where it accept the CHECK_CONSTRAINTS hint and CHECK_CONSTRAINT clause, respectively, which allows the user to specify whether constraints are checked during a bulk load.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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