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    Unanswered: convert value to 2 digits after decimal

    I'm having a query as follows:
    SELECT 41.78 * 0.01 * 17 + 41.78 AS new_price

    it returns 48.8826, but how do I set it up that it would round it nicely to two digits? as of 48.88


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    Re: convert value to 2 digits after decimal

    In Oracle you would use ROUND(value,2).

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    Just an observation, but rounding is really a client-side issue. In all but a few cases, it should really be handled by the client instead of the server.

    Most servers will accept the:

    SELECT Round(41.78 * 0.01 * 17 + 41.78, 2) AS new_price

    syntax, but you still should do the rounding at the client if you can. Someday you might decide that you want the "full value", or maybe you'll need to round at a different precision than 2 for some clients... Not that I've ever had that happen, I just read about it in a book once.


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