I'm new to access. I would like to draw a chart in a form. the chart should represent data from different projects. each project has its own ID.

My query is:

SELECT [Time_data].[ID], [WeekConv].[F2] AS week, [Time_data].[discipline], Sum([Time_data].[MHrs]) AS Mhrs
FROM Time_data, WeekConv
WHERE ((([Time_data].[week])=[WeekConv].[F1]) And (([Time_data].[ID])=[Forms]![frmAnalysis]![cboProject]))
GROUP BY [Time_data].[ID], [WeekConv].[F2], [Time_data].[discipline];

The query works but when i try to draw the chart i get the message
"The Microsoft Jet Engine doesn't recognize [Forms]![frmAnalysis]![cboProject] as a valid field name or expression.

(the form where i try to draw the chart is a diffrent one from the one where the combo box is situated if that is of any importance??)

I have also thought about storing the project in a global variable called SelectedProject via VBA and using something like
WHERE ((([Time_data].[week])=[WeekConv].[F1]) And (([Time_data].[ID])=[SelectedProject])). Can this be done?

grateful for any suggestions.