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    Question Unanswered: displaying a picture

    I want a picture to be displayed depending on who is selected from a combo box. eg if I select a person, i want their photo to be displayed.
    please help.

    thanks in advance

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    To start with, it would most likely be best if your combo box contained two columns. The person's name (which will be visible) and the path to the picture for that person (which will be invisible). When setting up the RowSource for the ComboBox, make sure the Person's name is the first Bound Column and column widths are 1";0" and the Column count is 2.

    In the OnClick event of your ComboBox have code similar to what is shown in the below sample:
    Me![myImageBoxName].SizeMode = acOLESizeClip
    Me![myImageBoxName].Picture = Me.myComboBoxName.Column(1)
    Hope this helps

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