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    Smile Unanswered: xp_sendmail execution is inconsistant in DTS

    I have a DTS package that runs once a week. There is a xp_sendmail SQL task at the end that sends emails to our field sales people with a file attachment based on the results of the DTS package. Simple enough.

    The problem I have is that the sendmail chokes when the mail task is executed at the end of the package - sometimes. And when it does fail, the DTS step with the sendmail can be executed separately without a problem.

    The error message the gets generated is:

    MAPI_E_NETWORK_ERROR 80040115 -2147221227

    This does not make sense. If there was a network problem I should still get a message when executing the step that failed 30 seconds prior...not the case.

    The other odd thing is that this package has been running fine for about 3 mo with no troubles, but our mail server may have undergone some changes that I am not aware of so...anyway if anyone has any info or has come across this oddness please feel free to share with me what you know.

    I am a t a loss here with this one.

    Thanks in advance to anyone else with a dented skull that has an answer!


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    Check this site. Not much there, but that's what it means.

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