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    Unanswered: Statement(s) could not be prepared. error 8180 with mobilink synchronization


    I am trying to get my mobilink aplication to synchronize with MS SQL Server 2000.

    After getting rid of the global variable references I was using from ASA that the synchonization was failing on, it is now failing on the 8180 error.

    I am not sure what it is not liking. I set the begin connection script to be blank as before it had "CREATE VARIABLE @UserID VARCHAR ( 128 )", as I found no easy way to delete the script sets with ISQL.

    Microsoft says it has a hotfix for this particular error code, but I am not interested in calling their tech support line and paying to get it.

    Any ideas?

    The log from the Mobilink server says:

    I. 03/05 11:24:07. <thread 1.4>: Working on a request
    I. 03/05 11:24:07. <thread 1.4>: Synchronization request from: JM (version: 50data)
    I. 03/05 11:24:07. <1.4> [JM]: Warning: [10050] ODBC: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Changed database context to 'busler'. (ODBC State = 01000, Native error code = 5701)
    I. 03/05 11:24:07. <1.4> [JM]: Warning: [10050] ODBC: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Changed language setting to us_english. (ODBC State = 01000, Native error code = 5703)
    I. 03/05 11:24:07. <1.4> [JM]: ODBC isolation set to: Read Committed
    I. 03/05 11:24:08. <1.4> [JM]: COMMIT Transaction: begin_connection
    E. 03/05 11:24:08. <1.4> [JM]: Error: ODBC: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Statement(s) could not be prepared. (ODBC State = 42000, Native error code = 8180)
    I. 03/05 11:24:08. <1.4> [JM]: Error Context:
    User Name: JM
    Modified User Name: JM
    Transaction: begin_synchronization
    Table Name: NULL
    I. 03/05 11:24:08. <1.4> [JM]: Script Version: 50data
    End of Error Context
    I. 03/05 11:24:08. <1.4> [JM]: Warning: [10010] No error-handling script is defined. The default action code (3000) will decide error behaviour.
    I. 03/05 11:24:08. <1.4> [JM]: ROLLBACK Transaction: begin_synchronization
    I. 03/05 11:24:08. <1.4> [JM]: COMMIT Transaction: end_connection
    I. 03/05 11:24:08. <1.4> [JM]: Disconnected from consolidated database
    I. 03/05 11:24:08. <1.4> [JM]: Synchronization failed
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    I've never had to pay for a hotfix, but that is another issue.

    I'd run an ODBC trace on the connection, to see where you get in the process. I'd also try a connection between an ASE server and your ASA server, just to see what (if any) difference there was between that and the MS-SQL server and your ASA server.


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