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    Unanswered: How to interface with FoxPlus using MS .Net?

    i am doing a school project wherein i have to develop a system for a certain company of my choice. the company already has an existing system and i'm proposing to add some components to it.

    the problem is the old system was developed using FoxPlus and i need to access the information in the database. is there any way i can interface with it using MS .NET??

    i've read that you can convert FoxPlus database to a FoxPro database... but i would prefer just to interface with it.

    help me pls... thank you!!

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    ADO.NET will gleefully open a .DBF file, so that's the simplest way to get data from it. If you use MSDE, you can use sp_addlinkedserver to open the file(s) and use it as a table. I'm fairly sure that MS-Access can do the same, but I'm rusty on the details.


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    thank you pat! ive consulted my professor about it, he said that i can use a access database to point to a foxplus database. ill try to ask him about the ado .net. that you have suggested.

    thanks again!
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