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    Unanswered: Looping Through Form

    Good day Everyone,

    I was seeking some advice with regards to data on my attached form. Essentially my form is build on a query which can return multiple records on the form. By each record you will see an Update, Delete or Cancel button. I am tring to build the SQL and/or queries for these command buttons but I am not sure how access is going to handle my request. For example if I click the "Delete" button for record #2 , how will access know I am referring to the second record and not say the first. I am tring to figure out how to narrow my code down just to include the record parallel to the command button. It will come clearer if you dl the db.


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    You should use a list box to display your records, that way you can bind the value of your record's unique identifier to that list box and have your SQL query look for the value stored in the list box itself.

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