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    Unanswered: 9i database setup

    Im trying to set up a database for an oracle university class, i have almost no idea what im doing

    I got a nifty little .cmd file thats spose to run these sql scripts, and it does, but it attemps to log onto a SYSDBA account, and fails. This makes the whole script pretty much pointless.

    It attemps to log on as a dba from system/manager, but doesnt have enough privileges.

    Was hoping i might find some help, thx much.

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    Hi ,
    In 9i if u need to log in as sys then it has to be sys as sysdba.

    Actually if u could write more about the steps u followed or rather post the script(if possible) we could help u in a better way.

    Consider a case where ur database resides in the m/c and u log into that machine with appropriate Os userid but u need to make sure that particular userid must belong to ORA_DBA group or else if u try to conn as sysdba it will say insufficient privileges.

    There is a file called SQLNET.ora in that check the parameter

    If everything is fine then from sqlplus prompt give /as sysdba
    it should get connected.

    What i could make out from ur posting that the scripts for DB creation needs to be modified for sys connectivity.
    Replace sys with sys as sysdba.

    Remember one more thing sys user has the ultimate powers and there are many tasks which system user cannot do only sys user can do.

    I hope this solves ur problem.

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