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    Unanswered: Update Field Based on Item selected in drop down from another field

    I have a Form that uses Lookup Wizards to select Information from a table (Work Codes). The first item to choose from is the Work ID. When this is chosen, the second item is automatically filled in. It is Scope of Work field.

    But when I go to the corresponding table (Time Sheets). I can see that the data I selected for the WorkID displays in the field, but the Scope of Work is blank, even though it shows as being filled in when viewing the same information in the form.

    How can I get this information to display in the table just as it does in the form?

    As a part of that, how can I set these relationships up so that when in the table, if I change the WorkID field, the Scope of Work field will change as it does in the form?

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    How are you trying to update the record currently ? Is it a form with command button ? Or have you tried to write VBA with some sort of update code? Are you using a combo/listbox to make a selection ?

    From what I have read, it seems to update 1 field with a work id ? but not the rest ?


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    In your WorkCodes table, the WorkID field should be a lookup field which relates to a separate table storing the actual 'Scope of Work' options. Your form should be tied to a query which relates the WorkCodes table to the ScopeOfWork table via the WorkID. You do not need to store the 'Scope of Work' details in the WorkCodes table at all, only the WorkID which, by the sound of it, is already happening (that's the whole point of relational database design, after all...)

    Hope this helps


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