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    Unanswered: DB2 V6 (OS/390) to DB2 V7 (OS/390) - Plan differences


    We've noticed some plan differences between DB2 V6 (OS/390) and DB2 V7 (OS/390) - namely:

    More List Prefetch
    More I1 access
    Larger tables being accessed first (?)

    Upon further analysis, most of these changes seem to make sense and be in accord with the documentation (in a sense, it seems that they should have been behaving this way in V6 according to theory).

    Does the above corroborate what other folks have seen? Anything else in addition to what I mentioned? Any negatives or things to look out for?

    Thanks (I love this forum)!

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    I noticed quite the same: More LIST PREFETCHES, especially in UPDATE-statements, more I1 accesses, because for MIN- and MAX-functions the index could be read in forward and backward directions, but the latter, larger tables being accessed first, I have not noticed, may be, because I haven't payed attention to this.

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