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    hi all,
    I am new to sql server.
    I need some help regarding ntext value.I am using an insert stored proc to insert the value into ntext field, till now i have been using a varchar variable to pass the value. but i think this doesn't work when the size exceeds the limit of varchar and also what if i want to perform group insert?
    and the major issue i am concerned about is, i don't want to update this field quite often.I need to check whether the existing ntext value and the new value which i want to insert are different.I want to do it in a better way than processing both values entirely.I want to make sure that the update statement is executed only when both values differ.

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    you may want to look into binary_checksum, unless you don't care about the case sensitivity of the values. but before the rest of the forum eats me alive, a quick note, - you'll have to do it in chunks of 4k each, converted to nvarchar. it will be a resource-intensive operation, so be prepared. you'll have to use readtext, load it into a file, then read 4k chunks and compare with checksum/binary_checksum. look into this site for some clues.

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