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    Unanswered: Oracle config for a few number of users

    I would like to configure my Oracle db.
    Not optimize the response time.
    But it's a db with only 2-3users and I don't need more than 30process waiting after a client :-).
    If you can explain me where I can limit the number of process for each part of the db.

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    If I understood ur question rightly ie u want to configure ur DB to serve 2 or 3 users.
    Normally we do have separate tablespaces for separate users.
    Rollback segment or Undo management should be taken up carefully.
    Do u need to configure ur DB or u want to know about the processes involved.
    U have talked about some processes ..
    DB can be configured into Dedicated server config or an MTS config.

    Dedicated server config means every user process gets a server process each ie to serve 10 user processes u need 10 server processes.
    That increases processes on ur server.
    But since u have 2 or 3 users that should not concern u much I hope.

    In a MTS config there are some server processes that are being shared by the user processes. Moreover for a MTS config a DNN or a dispatcher process comes into role which routes the user process to the next available server process.

    But if u meant to control Oracle background processes then I am sorry to say we don't have much control on it, its handled by oracle itself.
    There are certain things that can be done if ur DB is not a 24*7 kind of a DB then u could run it in Noarchivelog mode the Arch process won't come into play.
    But has some serious considerations , u cannot have archival recovery etc.
    Archivelog mode comes into play where downtime of ur DB is big concern and u cannot afford to lose any piece of data(complete recovery is possible).
    There are other concerns also.

    Good luck,

    If my update does not serve ur purpose then please explain ur needs clearly.

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