I tried to create an intermedia index on an table holding approx 200000 documents of some 20 GB size.

Twice I tried and both the times it seems to get stuck at 70201 i.e. I have been monitoring the CTX_USER_INDEXES table's IDX_DOCID_COUNT field. The value in this field has been increasing steadily since yesterday - a rough log -

0 (10:45am 05am mar 2004) (start)
4915 (11:45am 05am mar 2004)
6973 (12:00pm 05am mar 2004)
12885 (1:00pm 05am mar 2004)
27613 (3:00pm 05 mar 2004)
38535 (4:45pm 05 mar 2004)
47468 (7:00pm 05 mar 2004)
70201 (9:30am 06 mar 2004)
70201 (11:45am 06 mar 2004)
70201 (3:30pm 06 mar 2004)

Earlier I had tried to create an index on the same and due to some problem the m/c on which the SQLPlus window was open on which the index creation command had been run had been closed - so we thought that due to that reason the indexing had not got over - so we dropped the index and started again - now we seem to have got stuck at the same place again.

Please help!!!!!