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    Unanswered: How to avoid Database contention in COBOL-DB2 Programs

    I am getting a return code og -911 and -913 when two different batch application executing as IMS-DB2 program. I am commiting the DB after about 1000 transactions. Is there any way out of this problem.

    I could think of using the same IEFRDER file for both the applications. Is this a good practice?


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    Try setting the isolation level to CS in the bind options. Also try locksize PAGE instead of locksize ANY on the tablespace.

    If that does not work, more detailed analysis of the problem needs to be done to see whether it is a timeout or deadlock. If it is a deadlock, then it might be possible to change the order of SQL statements (so that both prgrams access the tables in the same order) to prevent that from occuring.
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