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    Need Help In Dataware House For Banks

    How does one go about implementing a data warehouse for banks? Are there any case studies available for implementation in large banks in the U.S. and U.K.? Can I get information on the status of implementation in such banks?

    I am a beginner and i wud appreciate if any one cud throw some light on the DIMENSION TABLES AND FACT TABLES USED ... and the architecture used for any bank. Tools used like DATABSE , CLEANSING,ETL TOOLS,REPORTING, DATA MINING.

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    the data warehouse toolkit from Ralph Kimball, Margy Ross Chap. 9 may thow some light into that domain

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    If you are a comlete beginner, I would strongly suggest that you get some help from someone who has done this before. A good source of insight is the database engine vendor (IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, etc). They can often shed some much needed insight.

    You might also ask a student that is taking a good database/datawarehousing class. They can often give you some very good ideas from information presented in class or the associated recommended reading.


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